Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Maynely a Mystery's by-donation concert/book launch

There are some real special people on Mayne Island. I know because I am lucky enough to be related to and friends with some of them. They are helping with (and will appear during) my big night. I'm getting so excited...like a child looking forward to Christmas. September 4th is the big day...only 16 days away. I'm hoping that I won't forget to do anything. The big thing right now is to get the word out. If you can help with that I would be so grateful. My reoccurring nightmare is that no one will come. I know even if this happens I will still have a great time because of the a fore mentioned people. That said, it would be so nice if the Ag Hall was full. I'm going to be mailing out invites tomorrow and hanging posters. I plan to hang a large 'CONCERT' sign on the Ag Hall at lunchtime on the 4th. Your positive thoughts are most appreciated.

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