Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Now available in Manitoba

I'm very pleased to say that Maynely a Mystery is now available in Manitoba.
Yesterday I paid a visit to Prairie Sky Books. It is an interesting shop full of imported crafts and special books: books that you may not find anywhere else. I explored every corner of the store. Don't miss their children's book section. It is delightful.
After a pleasant discussion with Francine Maynely a Mystery was added to their shelves.
I would like to invite you to shop at Prairie Sky Books. Please support me by supporting them.

Please visit their web site:

Sunday, September 27, 2009


Well, I made it to sunny Manitoba. I packed for fall and I arrived in the dog days of summer.

Was it hot? You ask.

Oh, yeah, I answer.

Nothing to do but buy more clothes. I lucked into a great sale. Two pair of shorts, a shirt, a belt for under $40

Manitoba had even more fun in store. I caught the tail end of the Thin Air writers' festival. On Saturday a children's author - Tim Wynne-Jones - spoken in the morning and a mystery writer - Terry Griggs - read in the afternoon. After her reading Ms. Griggs answered questions. Both authors shared so much and I learnt so much. I am very glad I went.

I've connected with friends and family here in Winnipeg. It has been so nice to see everyone. However, city life is not for me. I planned to stay two weeks but I have decided to cut my visit short and flee to rural Manitoba early than expected.

Am I bushed?

Some have speculated so.

If so it is a happy state.

I will try to write as often as I can but I'm not sure about Internet access. Know I'm thinking of you and having a wonderful time.

All the best

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Magic is alive on Salt Spring Island

I'm back on Mayne Island after a two day stay with my aunt on Salt Spring Island. It was a fun stay full of surprises.
Monday I help tidy up Mahon Hall. ArtCraft is over for another year. I collected my unsold inventory. Not much left. Although there were seven books. I wondered what I would do with those seven books.
I needn't have worried long.
Next day I went to the bookstores that are currently carrying my books. I only found one book left. It was on display at Sabine's. Volume II Bookstore and Salt Spring Books had run out of books. All had found homes with readers. Well, out came those seven books. Now if you want a copy of Maynely a Mystery and you live on Salt Spring Island all you need do is walk on down to Volumne II Bookstore or over to Salt Spring Books, lay down your cash and walk home with your new book.
That same day -- Tuesday -- at 2 pm, I tried something new and fun. I visited CFSI (the new Salt Spring Island radio station). I had a nice tour and then began work. That's right I read a piece of my work for the radio station. I will let you know when it will be aired as soon as I know.
I had a wonderful time on Salt Spring but it is good to be home.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

a good tongue wag

Yesterday I phoned some of the people I plan to visit while in Manitoba. Usually when I hang up I am caught with the overwhelming feeling that there are too many miles separating us. However, this time when I hung up I realized that in sixteen days I will conquer those miles. That soon I will sit across the table with a teacup full of herb tea and chat with them face to face. How soon can I start packing? : )
Last night I watched the entire video - two hours - of my book launch. And I realized that , although I exposed a roomful of people to it, I really can't sing or dance. Oh, well, no one ran for the door so I guess they forgave me.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Book Launch: how it began

With help from a friend, I did take a video of the evening. My plan is to post a little slice of the video on YouTube. However, unfortunately, we will all have to wait patiently for that addition. So I thought while you were waiting you may be interested in reading my opening dialogue. I began the evening by saying...

In many respects Maynely a Mystery was and is an enjoyable adventure. It virtually wrote itself. I sat down at my writing desk and the words flowed.
However, sitting down to write, learning to trust the process took a leap of faith.
Maynely a Mystery is my first novel -- my largest writing project. As a teen I wrote rims and rims, unending stories that never found a last chapter. When I grew older, fearful of unfinished stories, I sought to contain my writing in brief articles, poems and short stories.
Here's an example...
One sunny day a worm went for a wiggle. He met a robin.
I even wrote a short joke. Would you like to hear it?
What did the military drummer say to the tone deaf bulgier?
Sound off.
Anyway, the point is everything I wrote was short. The thought of writing something larger overwhelmed me.
Still the need to write a tribute to Mayne Island in novel form bubbled up inside me. I had to tell the world about the special place I'd found.
So I sat down at my writing desk with a head full of doubt and questions. Oh, so many questions...
Will I ever finish writing it? Will anyone care if I do?
I promised myself if this day did come. If I did finish it. I would throw a big party and invite all of you. Well, I did and here we are -- celebrating...
Tonight will be a gentle blend of music and spoken word.
I will treat you to some excerpts from Maynely a Mystery. These will be sandwiched between music: live music from lively Mayne Island musicians -- my family and friends.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

The book launch

was a blast! I read, I sang, we ate, we partied. I'll write more soon.
Have a happy weekend