Friday, October 23, 2009

Interlake Spectator interview

Have you ever felt like a celebratory in your hometown?
Just recently, for too short a period, I did. And I highly recommend it.
While in Eriksdale, Manitoba my interview with reporter Heather Robbins appeared in the Interlake Spectator. (Hubby just said that, "People need to know that the Interlake Spactator is the local paper." It is distributed through out the interlake. 'The Interlake' is the area in Manitoba between Lake Manitoba and Lake Winnipeg. Eriksdale is located between Lake Manitoba and Lake Winnipeg. 92 k north of Winnipeg.) She did such an excellent job. With pride, I would like to share the article with you. Please log on to...

The weather on Mayne Island: rainy.
Good weather for a duck. : )

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Good-bye Manitoba, Hello BC

Manitoba is kissing me good-bye with bright blue skies and golden rays of sun.
What awaits in BC?
That remains to be seen.
So much has happened while in Manitoba. I can't wait to share the photos and my news.
Unfortunately, however, I will have to wait. least until I'm home and have had enough rest to make some kind of sense.
Please remain logged on.
All the best

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Book reading at the Eriksdale Public Library

Last night at 7 pm I read to a crowd of 20 kind, supportive readers at the Eriksdale Public Library during my book reading. The evening ended with buying of books. I didn't bring sufficient books so I now have a waiting list (Hey, hubby please send me 11 books).
Stay cool -- dress warm
Weather wise, they tell me another dump of snow is on the way. : )

Friday, October 9, 2009


It came last night. And I think it will be staying for a while.
Today I was to move on to my next holiday home.
Will I move?
Tomorrow hubby's plane is to arrive.
Will it land?
For this and other answers please stay logged on...

On book news, I have sold 85 books.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Weather or not...

Manitoba is one exciting place.
When I arrived in September it was hot.
How hot was it?
It was so hot that I had to go shopping for shorts.
And now...and now...hold on to your hats. Now it is snowing.
Yes, it is true boys and girls. As I write, the white stuff is streaming down from the sky. It isn't staying yet.
Now if it was snowing on Mayne Island my heart would not be filled with glee. But I'm not on Mayne Island. I'm in Manitoba. I'm in Eriksdale. And I'm witnessing the first snow. And my heart is filled with the glee of a kindergartner.
Stay cool...dress warm

PS I found a recipe that I've been playing with. The following is a extreme alteration of the recipe. I have yet to go this far. But maybe (hopefully) you're braver.

2/3 cup maple syrup
1/2 cup smooth peanut butter (why not add strawberry jam)
4 C rice cereal (why not use garnola)
raisins (why not use chocolate chips)

In large saucepan over medium heat, toss in the syrup and the peanut butter. Stir in cereal. Remove from heat and stir in raisins.
Spread mixture in non-stick 8-inch square baking dish. Place in fridge for an hour or more. When firm cut into squares.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Alone in the universe

The house were I'm staying is a lone beacon on a deserted back road. Yesterday I went for a walk. I walked north.
How far?
Until the road ended.
How far was that?
I didn't know. Today I asked and was told, "In total you walked six miles. I use to dream of doing something that stupid."
Today I went for another walk. This time I walked south.
How far?
Until I came to a stand of trees.
I counted my distance in time not miles. I walked for half a hour.
During my walk I saw no houses and no vehicles. I did see a herd of cattle grazing in the distance -- putting on winter fat.
Fifteen minutes into my walk I stood in the middle of that road. I was overcome by the beauty of the place.
Did I see a mountain?
Did I see the ocean?
Did I see a garden?
Did I see architecture?
I saw bald prairie and wondered how I could of possibly stayed away for an entire decade.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Here in Eriksdale

Well I made it to Eriksdale and yes I do have Internet access. This weekend was full of family and fun. However, today I have rolled up my sleeves and am working: knitting and writing. So no more delay back at it.
Weather here: overcast and zero degrees.
Stay cool - dress warm
I went for a walk a little while ago. I walked all the way to the end of number 417 road. And actually I found the more I moved the warmer it got. I had to replace my wool toque with earmuffs. The weather has risen five degrees and I did see the sun today.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Bye, bye Winnipeg

The game plan: I will leave Winnipeg at 5 pm today. I will be headed north -- 92 k -- to my old hometown. Last time I visited I discovered -- to my dismay -- that they had named the streets. Who needs street names? What's wrong with directions like: you know the house beside the one where old man Brown lived.
There's nothing wrong with them.
I really hope I don't find numbers on the houses.
It was nice visiting the golden boy.
I would like to thank all those people who gave directions to this lost island gal. Thank you to the mail carrier. Thank you to the lady walking the dog. Thank you to the clerks behind the counter.
A special thanks to the lady who gave me bus tickets. I just may use them someday.
Yesterday it rained. Today the city is bathed in golden light. Who knows what tomorrow will bring.
Focusing on this second...I'm listening to the Weakerthans song "I hate Winnipeg". Why aren't you?
Simply log on to Youtube...

PS I'm not sure what my Internet connection will be like when I'm in Eriksdale (my hometown). So it may be a while until you hear from me again. Although I will try. If I fail please remember my book reading at the Eriksdale Public Library Tuesday, October 13th 7 p.m. Please help spread the word. Thank you.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

What you can do

Good morning. Last night was a blast. I went with friends to an Elliott Brood concert ( The opening band was The Wooden Sky. The whole evening was awesome.


Yesterday I delivered a copy of Maynely a Mystery to McNally Robinson in Polo Park. This brings me to a favour. I would really like to get my book in that bookstore -- obviously. So if you could go to McNally Robinson in Polo Park and ask for Maynely a Mystery by Leanne Dyck I would greatly appreciate it.

Weather here is overcast. It could rain. I hope it doesn't snow.
Stay cool -- dress warm