Saturday, February 20, 2010

Yeah, Maynely A Mystery has made it to...

Vancouver Island.
Yes, Maynely A Mystery have been successful in swimming across Active Pass. And magically it has done so without getting any of its pages wet.
In which bookstore can you find it?
Why, dear reader, thank you so much for asking. Maynely A Mystery can be found in the brand new bookstore -- Overleaf Cafe and Bookstore.
How can I get there?
Overleaf is located at 170-1105 Pandora Avenue Victoria, BC
Can I have peek inside?
Sure you can but sadly I have to wait. I'm planning to visit in early March (either on or shortly after March 13th). If you can visit sooner. (Say next weekend -- February 27th) Then you are in store for some real fun. Overleaf will be offering book readings. To attend the first Saturday Salon, arrive at Overleaf at noon. By her emails, I know that owner Barbara Julian is helpful and friendly. Please support her. And while you're there look for Maynely a Mystery.
I'd be thrilled if you sent me an email and told me how it is doing.
Enjoying another sunny day

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