Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Meet a "Mayner"

From the preface...
'My characters may bear a resemblance to people you know. You may even see yourself in someone. I was influenced by the people who surround and inspire me. However, all characters are fictional. They only speak, move and breathe within the pages of this book.'

One of the Mayne Island residents who has inspired me is Terrill Welch.

I met Terrill Welch at an event she organized to celebrate International Women’s Day. After our short chat, I had a feeling that I had met a dynamic woman, who is engaged in a mission of empowerment.

I am pleased to introduce Terrill

Me: Where did you live before coming to Mayne Island?

Terrill: Naming the string of places I have called home would make a fairy ring around Mayne Island. We most recently lived in Pedder Bay on the far side of the district of Metchosin outside of Victoria. I was born in the farming community of Vanderhoof, British Columbia in the year 1958.

Me: Why did you come to Mayne Island?

Terrill: My partner and I could live anywhere in the world. David is retired and my business is flexible and international in scope. We quickly decided that we wanted to stay in Canada. Prince Edward Island was a strong contender on our list of choices. Fortunately, we found our home first before deciding on any particular geographic location and it just happened to be on Mayne Island. We moved to Mayne Island in May 2007. We now live in a beautiful eco-friendly strawbale timberframe home that was built by Tracy Calvert. To the relief of our collection of eight grown children, we have settled on the south west coast instead of across the country!

Me: Why do you stay?

Terrill: We are comfortable with the semi-rural life-style and feel like a valued part of the small community here on the island.

Me: What do you like best about living and working here?

Terrill: …that I can!

Me: What do you do for fun on the island?

Terrill: My most favourite island activity is to hike around exploring cliffs and seashores with a heavy digital cannon camera slung over my shoulder. My second most favourite thing is to have friends and family over to visit.

Me: What do you like the least?

Terrill: Long-term what is least controllable about living on an island is reliable and affordable ferry service.

Me: Why would you leave?

Terrill: We are staying.

Me: Please tell us about your business.

Terrill: I am a woman living a life of simple abundance. My vision for the world is that we are walking in the sunshine of our soul; embracing difference, joy, colour and transformation as opportunities present themselves. I can be counted on to hold space for actualizing diversity, harmony and greatness in our being.
My life's work is focused on changing the social fabric of society through action which enhances the quality of life for women and children. I trust that if this work is successful, the world will be a better place for everyone. Using a unique by-donation service delivery approach I am dedicated to helping women and women leaders live vibrant and purposeful lives. To learn more about my work go to Terrill Welch - A Woman behind Women at or buy my book Leading Raspberry Jam Visions: Women’s Way.

Me: Please share any words of advice, comments, concerns, hints or tips or...with our island community?

Terrill: A vision not lived remains only a dream – may you be living your vision!

Thank you, Terrill

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