Monday, September 7, 2009

Book Launch: how it began

With help from a friend, I did take a video of the evening. My plan is to post a little slice of the video on YouTube. However, unfortunately, we will all have to wait patiently for that addition. So I thought while you were waiting you may be interested in reading my opening dialogue. I began the evening by saying...

In many respects Maynely a Mystery was and is an enjoyable adventure. It virtually wrote itself. I sat down at my writing desk and the words flowed.
However, sitting down to write, learning to trust the process took a leap of faith.
Maynely a Mystery is my first novel -- my largest writing project. As a teen I wrote rims and rims, unending stories that never found a last chapter. When I grew older, fearful of unfinished stories, I sought to contain my writing in brief articles, poems and short stories.
Here's an example...
One sunny day a worm went for a wiggle. He met a robin.
I even wrote a short joke. Would you like to hear it?
What did the military drummer say to the tone deaf bulgier?
Sound off.
Anyway, the point is everything I wrote was short. The thought of writing something larger overwhelmed me.
Still the need to write a tribute to Mayne Island in novel form bubbled up inside me. I had to tell the world about the special place I'd found.
So I sat down at my writing desk with a head full of doubt and questions. Oh, so many questions...
Will I ever finish writing it? Will anyone care if I do?
I promised myself if this day did come. If I did finish it. I would throw a big party and invite all of you. Well, I did and here we are -- celebrating...
Tonight will be a gentle blend of music and spoken word.
I will treat you to some excerpts from Maynely a Mystery. These will be sandwiched between music: live music from lively Mayne Island musicians -- my family and friends.

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