Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Magic is alive on Salt Spring Island

I'm back on Mayne Island after a two day stay with my aunt on Salt Spring Island. It was a fun stay full of surprises.
Monday I help tidy up Mahon Hall. ArtCraft is over for another year. I collected my unsold inventory. Not much left. Although there were seven books. I wondered what I would do with those seven books.
I needn't have worried long.
Next day I went to the bookstores that are currently carrying my books. I only found one book left. It was on display at Sabine's. Volume II Bookstore and Salt Spring Books had run out of books. All had found homes with readers. Well, out came those seven books. Now if you want a copy of Maynely a Mystery and you live on Salt Spring Island all you need do is walk on down to Volumne II Bookstore or over to Salt Spring Books, lay down your cash and walk home with your new book.
That same day -- Tuesday -- at 2 pm, I tried something new and fun. I visited CFSI (the new Salt Spring Island radio station). I had a nice tour and then began work. That's right I read a piece of my work for the radio station. I will let you know when it will be aired as soon as I know.
I had a wonderful time on Salt Spring but it is good to be home.

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