Sunday, September 27, 2009


Well, I made it to sunny Manitoba. I packed for fall and I arrived in the dog days of summer.

Was it hot? You ask.

Oh, yeah, I answer.

Nothing to do but buy more clothes. I lucked into a great sale. Two pair of shorts, a shirt, a belt for under $40

Manitoba had even more fun in store. I caught the tail end of the Thin Air writers' festival. On Saturday a children's author - Tim Wynne-Jones - spoken in the morning and a mystery writer - Terry Griggs - read in the afternoon. After her reading Ms. Griggs answered questions. Both authors shared so much and I learnt so much. I am very glad I went.

I've connected with friends and family here in Winnipeg. It has been so nice to see everyone. However, city life is not for me. I planned to stay two weeks but I have decided to cut my visit short and flee to rural Manitoba early than expected.

Am I bushed?

Some have speculated so.

If so it is a happy state.

I will try to write as often as I can but I'm not sure about Internet access. Know I'm thinking of you and having a wonderful time.

All the best

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