Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Alone in the universe

The house were I'm staying is a lone beacon on a deserted back road. Yesterday I went for a walk. I walked north.
How far?
Until the road ended.
How far was that?
I didn't know. Today I asked and was told, "In total you walked six miles. I use to dream of doing something that stupid."
Today I went for another walk. This time I walked south.
How far?
Until I came to a stand of trees.
I counted my distance in time not miles. I walked for half a hour.
During my walk I saw no houses and no vehicles. I did see a herd of cattle grazing in the distance -- putting on winter fat.
Fifteen minutes into my walk I stood in the middle of that road. I was overcome by the beauty of the place.
Did I see a mountain?
Did I see the ocean?
Did I see a garden?
Did I see architecture?
I saw bald prairie and wondered how I could of possibly stayed away for an entire decade.

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