Saturday, December 26, 2009


This Christmas, for me, wasn't about running to the mall for the millionth time to buy something that no one needed but I just had to buy.
This Christmas, for me, wasn't about trying to out do, out purchase, out busy, or out... (fill in the blank). This island has taught me to be who I am. Take pride in that and others will accept me.
This Christmas, for me, wasn't about unwrapping an enormously expensive gift.

This Christmas taught me that there are more important thing than what is under the tree.
This Christmas I was blessed to be surrounded by friends, chatter, laughter, fun.
This Christmas I am thankful to be well feed, well loved, and well kept on a idyllic island in the Pacific.
I wish for you, my friend, a home, a head, a heart that's full.

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