Monday, May 18, 2009

Maynely A Mystery: chapter one, page eleven

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"Your relationship with your mother has always been strained," Julia said. "But she's always loved you. She's always been proud of you. She tried. They tried for so many years to have a baby. They had all but given up hope. They were considering adoption but then you finally arrived -- their darling daughter. Oh, they were so happy. Their family was finally complete. You should have seen her face when they brought you home from the hospital. She was all smiles from ear to ear. She does love you so very much."

"Oh, really? She's never let me know that."

"It's hard for Katherine. It's hard for her to express her feelings. She's always been far more logical than she is emotional. But I know that she is very proud of..."

"Or you want her to be. I don't care how she feels. It's too late. She had her chance."

"You don't really meant that. It's never too late to...for..."

"Honesty. That's the only thing I ever wanted from her. Honesty, but she's always refused me that. No, she prefers to hide in the shadows. She spoon-feeds me lie after lie: he is your biological father; you are English-Canadian. And I have no choice but to live those lies. Lies, that's all they are. It's all I have. I have nothing more. It's all her fault -- all of it. Everyone can see the truth. I look like a fool because I'm forced to live the lies she has fed me."


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