Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Maynely a Mystery: chapter one, page twenty

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A minister friend of Esther's, having been robbed of an opportunity to expound on Esther's life in great and profound detail, commented, "How like the sun Esther had been." His voice increased in volume as he spoke.

Everyone is entitled to take comfort in my skills as an orator, he told himself.

"She came into our rain-soaked lives, however, briefly. She warmed us and filled our lives with sunshine. Now she has gone but we must search for the rainbow she has left behind."

He was about to quote the Bible when his wife silenced him with a large piece of chocolate cake. It was a tall cake -- strawberry jam oozed from between the layers. The base was shortbread and the entire cake was coated with buttery chocolate icing. A chocolate dipped strawberry rested on the top of each slice. As his wife had recently put him on a strict diet, he greedily consumed her offering. The chocolate left a trail. It dyed his mouth brown and wrapped around each tooth. His lips abandoned words to smack with glee.


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