Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Maynely a Mystery: chapter one, page thriteen

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"I know it hurts. But you must set it aside. Please set it aside. Now is the time to focus on your grandmother's needs. She loves you both. She's dying and all she wants, all she wants..." Julia began to cry. Olivia held her. Julia had been two years old when her father had married the woman who now lay dying. Esther had been the only mother Julia had known. In Olivia's arms she shook and sobbed trying to come to terms with what, who she was losing. Finally, she regained her composure and dried her eyes. "All she wants is you, all she wants is you with her. You know your grandmother loves you."

"I've never doubted her love," Olivia said.

"Well then climb those stairs and be with her."


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