Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Maynely A Mystery: chapter one, page twelve

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Julia heard the frustration, the anger. It wasn't unfounded. The whole family had been surprised when Olivia had been born. Julia would never have said this out loud but Olivia hadn't, didn't, look like any of the family. She didn't even look like she shared the same ethnicity.

If Katherine had an affair it's not for me to judge, Julia thought. Katherine's always conducted herself well; she's always held to the highest moral standards. She embraced her role as eldest child. While the rest of us did what we wished, acted the way we wanted she walked the straight and narrow. How can any of us fault her for letting loose? One wild night that's all it would take. Who hasn't had one wild night? But Olivia is just too young to accept this, too young to listen to these words about her mother. So Julia said...


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