Saturday, May 23, 2009

Maynely a Mystery: chapter one, page sixteen

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"Why aren't you outside playing with your friends?" Katherine would ask.

Olivia could have explained that she had no friends, that she preferred to be alone, but she knew her mother would have been appalled at such a response.

Katherine wanted Olivia to be popular, to have friends, to be normal. Normal like Suzie. Suzie, Olivia's cousin, was only a few months younger. So, for want of a sibling to compare Olivia to, Katherine used Suzie as a yardstick. Even though Suzie was younger she was much more popular -- friends always surrounded her. Olivia was always alone -- alone with her pens and journals.

Katherine's words echoed in Olivia's ears, "You spend too much time in dreamland. It's not real. Your writing is not real. You need to live in reality. You can't dream your life away." Words that once brought Olivia to tears now made her laugh.

You didn't want me to live in reality, Mother. You wanted me to be happy living in the dreamland you created for me, Olivia thought.


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