Friday, May 15, 2009

Maynely A Mystery: chapter one, page nine

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"We're so glad you've come. She's so very, very weak. She fights for every day. She wants nothing more than to see your smile," the older woman paused. "Katherine is in with her now, but hurry. She needs to see you. She thinks of nothing else."

"Katherine is here? Now? Aunt Julia?" Olivia asked.


Katherine, Olivia's mother, described her daughter as willful and unmanageable. Olivia had never shown these traits to her aunt. Instead, Julia found her niece to be shy, withdrawn and always respectful.

Between husbands, as she often was, Julia was living in the mansion with Esther when Olivia left her parents. The three woman had lived happily together. Julia and Olivia had developed a lasting friendship. Olivia had confided in Julia and told her of the frustration she felt with her mother. Julia tried to remain neutral.


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