Friday, June 12, 2009

About Thursday

"So, what happened? Why was there no Maynely a Mystery entry on Thursday?" you ask.
"Well, on Wednesday I left Mayne Island. I jumped on to a ferry and travelled to Salt Spring Island."
"What did you do there?"
"Well, I helped out here....

( The sign reads: ArtCraft is almost here. Opening June 12th)
at Mahon Hall. Today, June 12th, the graceful old hall transforms into ArtCraft (a seasonal gallery). ArtCraft showcases gulf island talent. Artists/artisan from Galiano, Pender, Saturna, Mayne and Salt Spring fill the hall with their creations.
So on Wednesday I delivered my inventory: sweaters for babies and children, hats for babies, Maynely True my colleciton of short stories, Novelty Yarn my audio book, and Yarn Therapy my learn to knit pattern book. Maynely a Mystery will arrive later.
ArtCraft's grand opening is June 19th. Doors open at 6pm. The party starts to swing at 7 pm. I will be there and so will Maynely a Mystery. I hope to see you there as well."
"I'd love to go but I live in Iceland and its almost lambing season."
"Sh-h-h, don't worry about it. I can help you out. Follow me over to I'll sneak you in to ArtCraft."

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