Sunday, June 7, 2009

Maynely a Mystery: chapter one, page thirty

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"You were there when Grandma asked me to make sure that she was buried on Mayne Island! You were there. You heard her just as well as I did. It was her wish and I will be carrying it out."

"I heard no such thing. The family has decided. She's gone -- we're here. No one will be buried on that godforsaken island. This is the family estate. She will be buried on this land. In this garden." Katherine reached for the urn and began to pull it away from Olivia. "Stay out of this. You have more important things to think about your studies for one. Do you think you can spend the rest of your life taking courses with no direction? No conclusion? No end? After all those years, all that studying, what do you have? You don't even have a BA. Your future -- that's you're concern. This isn't."

"I'm going to Mayne Island! I'm taking Grandma Esther with me!"

"You don't know them. They're small-minded, living on a small island. They won't take kindly to a person like you visiting them. They have no frame of reference to relate to someone like you."


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