Friday, June 5, 2009

Maynely a Mystery: chapter one, page twenty-eight

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Olivia laid a hand on the urn and stroked it affectionately.

"Well, Grandma, shall we go to your island?"

Olivia flipped open her cellphone and punched in the number for BC ferries. Her fingers played with a set of car keys, as she made a reservation for the following morning's sailing. The keys were to her grandmother's 2008 XJ hybrid Jaguar. The car now belonged to Olivia.

Though the will had yet to probated, her grandmother had arranged that the car would immediately be turned over to Olivia upon Esther's death.

Some family members grumbled and complained but Esther's personal secretary, Nancy Brown, had waved the documentation in their faces. Olivia was the new owner of the Jag.

Olivia flipped her phone closed. Then she carefully picked up the urn and cradled it in her arms.


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