Monday, June 29, 2009

Write! the Mayne Island writing retreat

On Saturday, June 27th I spent an enjoyable day at the writers' retreat.

Guest speaker: S. Fuller

Retreat organizer: Terrill Welch

I am currently working on my next novel. I write that with the full knowledge that I am stretching the truth. More to the point I should write, I have been attempting to work on my next novel. In reality I have been actively pursuing excuses to prevent me from returning to the writing desk. I have been writing. Sure I have. I have been writing ads, presentations, and other marketing material for Maynely a Mystery. I have been jotting notes for my next novel. ...but writing in earnest, I must confess I have avoided.

I know I needed a wake up call.

And this weekend I did receive one.

What did I learn? What would I like to share with you...

-schedule a regular writing time -- daily.
-to write well you must be well read.


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