Friday, June 12, 2009

Maynely a Mystery: chapter one, page thirty-four

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Olivia sat on the ferry, her nose buried in a book as a pest incessantly buzzed in her cousin's ear. Suzie was used to this attention and gloried in it. Men always flocked to her like tourists to a hot, sandy beach. Olivia wasn't used to the attention, and the ceaseless chattering annoyed her. She tried to lose herself in her novel but she soon realized that reading was impossible and the book became little more than a screen.
"So where are you headed, beautiful?" the six foot two-inch, mustached bug buzzed. He was attractive enough, Olivia admitted to herself, rugged and outdoorsy, but much too needy.
"Man Island," Suzie smiled.
"She means Mayne Island," Olivia corrected.
Olivia received a look from the man that said her amendment wasn't necessary and wasn't appreciated.
From the time she was born, everyone had fallen immediately under Suzie's spell. They fawned over her wavy platinum blonde hair, her long eyelashes, her turned-up nose and her big blue eyes. Allowances were made, doors opened, simply because of her looks. Nothing was expected from her: she was simply meant to be, not to do, not to think.
"Oh, baby, why not come to Galiano with me? We'll have so much fun," Suzie's latest victim drooled.

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