Thursday, June 4, 2009

Maynely a Mystery: chapter one, page twenty-seven

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There were three other group photos. These revealed how the family changed over the years -- in size and in economic status.

Esther had married four times. With each marriage she had acquired more children and accumulated more wealth.

Olivia heard her mother's voice from years ago ringing in her ears.

"This is my stepfather...Peter...John...Thomas. This is my half-brother -- your uncle Andrew, my half-sister -- your aunt Julia," Katherine continued until she had identified each of her seven siblings.

These words half-brother and half-sister made it clear she laid no claim to these interlopers. She was Esther's and Pat's daughter. No one else could claim that lineage. Even though Pat had never read her a bedtime story, paid her an allowance, or taught her how to ride a bike no man could replace him. He, and only he, was her father. Through Peter, John and Thomas had been there for her, had helped raise her, none gained the status of the invincible, invisible Pat.


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